Coal Bunkers - A Sturdy Storage Solution


Coal Bunker Range

Our coal bunker range is ideal for storing coal, wood or briquette.  A large upper lid opening makes it easy to fill the coal bunkers.  The units can be locked to keep the material inside secure.  Manufactured from UV stabilised rotationally moulded polyethylene guarantees a strong and durable weatherproof unit.  They are long lasting and maintenance free.

3cwt Vertical Coal Bunker  3cwt Coal Bunker  5cwt Coal Bunker  10cwt Coal Bunker 
 Width: 650mm  Width: 635mm  Width: 850mm
 Width: 1,150mm
 Depth: 650mm  Depth: 480mm  Depth: 800mm  Depth: 1,000mm
 Height: 1,000mm  Height: 800mm  Height: 800mm  Height: 1,020mm



 Tidystore & Mini Bunker

The Tidystore and Mini Bunker are lockable and secure unit for both domestic and business use.  They are ideal for peat briquettes, coal, peat moss, garden tools, toys, turf, and wood storage to name but few.  As products can be neatly displayed and are visible to the public they are also ideal for use in garage forecourts.  The rotationally moulded UV stabilised unit guarantees a strong and durable weatherproof product.  The units are long lasting and maintenance free.

 Tidystore     Mini Bunker 
 Width: 1,900mm     Width: 1,150mm
 Depth: 900mm  Depth: 1,000mm
 Height: 1,000mm     Height: 1,020mm


Briquette Bunker

Specifically designed for the storage of peat briquettes, this unit can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can also be used to store other fuels such as chopped wood or eco fuels.  Its slim design makes it ideal for small spaces.  Its hinged lid makes it easy to access. It is manufactured from medium density polyethylene and will not rust or fade. It has the capacity to store 4 briquette bales.

Briquette Bunker - Width: 650mm, Depth: 280mm, Height: 630mm


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