Composting in Schools



Composting at school is a fun way for the children to learn about nature while also reducing the amount of waste that the school sends to landfill.  An added bonus is that the children can actually get to see the end result of their efforts – their finished compost being used to beautify their school’s grounds.

Getting Started….

We have all the equipment you need to make a real success of composting at your school.
Our small indoor caddies are suitable for use in the classroom or the canteen.  Children can place their food waste into the caddies, which at the end of the day can be taken out to the Recycone Composter. 




One beautiful thing about the waste we generate, especially in school canteens, is that it can be composted.
 Its never to late to start composting!

The strong Sturdy Recycone Composters come in 3 sizes and are manufactured from 100% UV stabilised recycled plastic.  Its unique manufacturing process allows first stage recycled plastic to be used thus saving on energy consumption.  The popularity of the domestic Recycone Composters is as a result of their unique design.  There is a large lid on the top of the Recycone Composters for easy insertion of waste.  The twist locking lid ensures it will never blow off in the wind.  Both the lid and the hatch door are permanently attached to the body of the composter by a nylon strap.  The open base allows waste to break down quicker as the food and garden waste are in direct contact with the soil.   All composters come complete with an easy open slide hatch access for compost removal.  The specially designed ribs help to accelerate decomposition of material. 
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