EU Landfill Directive - Sturdy Brown Wheelie Bin


Ireland faces hefty fines unless challenging targets set by the Eu Landfill Directive can be met.  in order to achieve those targets a large proportion of biodegradeable muncipal waste (BMW) must be diverted to composting or recycling.  The Minister, Mr. John Gormley, has requested that the use of the "Brown Bin" BMW source segregaton collection system is implemented as a matter of urgency.

While most directives can be a burden, with the correct equipemnt this request can actuall save companies, contractors and muncipalitlies on their costs. 

Sturdy Products Ltd has a range of brown bins that are ideal for segregating waste at source.  There are three sizes available. A 140Ltr Wheelie Bin, a 240Ltr Wheelie Bin and a 4 wheeled 400Ltr Waste Container.  The 400Ltr Waste Container not only has a large capacity, it can also fit through doors, makking it an ideal option for commercial use.

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