Introducing the new Sturdy Garden Buddy


This 850lt Water Storage Tank is ideal for collecting rainwater specifically for watering your garden.

The rainwater is collected through a downpipe diverter which directs it into the storage tank. The diverter also acts as an overflow once the tank becomes full.

The tank is fitted with a 230v (13 amp) Submersible Pump which includes a float switch as standard. The float switch only allows the pump to operate when water is available. The pump comes with a 10m cable which plugs directly into a standard household socket.

It is also possible to fill a watering can through a 3/4” Bib Tap located on the front of the tank.

The rectangular shape of the tank allows it to fit neatly into corners or against walls, causing you the minimum amount of intrusion.

The tank is fitted with a bracket to allow for neat storage of the garden hose when its not in use.

The 8” Lid on top of the tank allows you to inspect the inside of the tank if required. It is recommended that the tank be cleaned out periodically to help prevent any sediment build up.

Length: 1,000mm (39.5")     Width: 675mm (26.5")    Height: 1,610mm (63.5")    Capacity: 850Ltr (187gal)



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