Make Road Safety a Priority with the Sturdy Road Guard Barrier System, Road Safety Poles and Road Dividers


A report from the coroner’s office in relation to an unfortunate fatal accident on the M50 was recently published. It included a recommended that “in order to prevent a collision recurring, the local authority in charge of motorway maintenance should fit a Musior Divider at the front of concrete barriers; this is designed to prevent vehicles impacting head on.  A Musior Divider is a heavy duty plastic container which is filled to one third of its capacity with either sand or water and is designed to absorb an impact”.

Sturdy Products Ltd based in Blessington Co Wicklow manufactures a wide variety of road safety products. They offer a full range of goods and services from Road Guard Barrier SystemsRoad Safety Poles and Musiors to name but a few.  They also offer a recycling service for old plastic road barriers and other plastic road safety products.

Ireland is now ranked 6th in the EU for road safety according to the ETSC (European Transport Safety Council).  These figures are based on the number of people who have died on Irish roads in 2008.  This is an improvement from 9th place in 2007.  The European Union has set itself the ambitious target of reducing the number of road deaths by fifty percent between 2001 and 2010.  Road safety in Ireland needs to be maintained or improved upon in order for Ireland to meet this objective.  The ETSC reports that Ireland is under pressure to meet this target.  This recommendation in the coroners report will place greater onus on Local Authorities to include Musior Dividers in their road management programme.

Major progress has been made in addressing Ireland’s chronic drink driving problem. However, speed remains a big contributory factor to deaths and injuries on Irish roads. The biggest challenge facing Irish Authorities today is to change this culture of speeding and also ensure there is adequate road safety equipment on our roads. 

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