Preventing Hypothermia in Newborn Lambs with our Revival Unit


Preventing Hypothermia in Newborn Lambs

Many newborn lambs die not from disease but from hypothermia. As the lambing season runs during the coldest months of the year the risk is higher. To maintain its body temperature, the newborn lamb must produce as much heat as it is losing to the environment. If the lamb cannot do this, its body temperature will start to fall, resulting in hypothermia and possible death.

The best treatment of a hypothermic lamb is to warm it up and provide a source of energy to start heat production again. The lamb needs to be slowly warmed to restore body temperature. The best method is to use a “Revival Box” where the lamb is placed in a container heated by warm moving air. It is important that a warm air heater is used rather than a more severe heat lamp at this stage.

Sturdy Products Ltd provides a method of treating a hypothermic lamb with the launch of the "Revival Unit". The unit can be used to revive any animal or to aid recovery from surgery. The unit is thermostatically controlled so different temperatures can be achieved and ensures that the unit does not overheat. The polypropylene floor is removable therefore easily cleaned and disinfected. The unit itself can contain two newborn lambs at any one time.








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