Rainwater Harvesting for Schools


Water is the 3rd Theme in the Green Flag Programme and as always we have challenges in finding solutions to recycling this natural resource.  Ecological issues are also a concern for us as new environmental regulations arise. With water charges amounting to hundreds of euro each year, it make financial sense to harvest this natural resource. Nevertheless, saving water is not just about saving money. Water is a major resource and an adequate supply of clean water is essential to the health of both the public and the environment.  Water may appear to be abundant but even in parts of Ireland it is an increasingly scarce resource.

Sturdy Products Ltd are here to assist all secondary schools in implementing the “Seven Steps of the Green Schools Programme” in the Water Theme. Our rainwater harvesting system, the Sturdy Hydro-Store is ideal for schools for all applications oher than drinking water.  Such uses are toilet flushing, dishwashing and for outside use such as garden watering.  By conserving water students learn the importance of environmental issues and how to tackle them in school and their home lives.  It also reduces your mains cost while promoting an eco-friendly solution.


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