Rainwater Harvesting - Saving for a Rainy Day!


2nd April 2010

The Government has introduced water charges on all commercial premises and public bodies since January 2009. Minister John Gormley has expressed confidence that the installation of water meters would begin in households early next year. The metering system will help consumers adjust their consumption patterns and persuade people to use less water.

Harvested rain water is ideal for any commercial or domestic premises for all applications other than potable water, such as toilet flushing, dishwashing and washing machines. It can also be used outside for garden watering and car washing. With water charges amounting to hundreds of euro each year it makes sound financial sense to harvest this natural resource.

As always we have challenges in finding solutions to recycling and conservation. In the current economic climate cutting costs is vital for the survival of all our operations. Ecological issues are also a concern for us as new environmental regulations arise. Sturdy Products have developed a new rainwater harvesting system, which helps us to meets these challenges.

The Sturdy Hydro-store is suitable for companies, public bodies and domestic use. The low maintenance Sturdy Hydro-Store is simple but effective. Rainwater is harvested from gutters, passed through a filter and into a water butt.  It is then is stored in a safe underground tank. From here the water is pumped to the existing tank for use in non-drinking applications. This reduces the mains water usage and costs. All the necessary fittings are provided (Downpipe FilterWater Butt, Submersible PumpFloat Valve and Pressure Vessel) so installation is made easy for your plumbing contractor. The tanks low profile design along with the integrated columns gives it excellent load bearing strength. Its low profile means that it does not need to be buried as deep and the excavation can be completed by hand digging. It can also pass through door ways or side passage ways.


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