RAKESS Takes the Lead in the Battle Against Waste


February 2008

The students of Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking School (RAKESS – British Curriculum) are giving a constructive lead to other schools and businesses within the Emirate in practica environmental concern.

Sturdy Recycling Centre

Mr. Westley Hughes, Head Teacher of RAKESS (British Curriculum), has been keen to develop a recycling ethos within the school since it first opened its doors in September 2007. Following discussions with local Ras Al Khaimah company, Sturdy Products UAE Ltd., a recycling station containing four recycling wheelie bins (pictured) have now been installed within the school grounds to recycle plastic bottles and paper, the major recyclables found in everyday use by students and teachers. In addition to that, two small recycling boxes have been placed in each classroom so that the students can actively participate on a daily basis.

The total cost of the recycling station and classroom boxes has been subsidised by Sturdy Products in order to help promote environmental awareness locally. Sturdy Products are a manufacturing company based in the local Free Zone and provide a wide range of environmental product suited to all applications and industry sectors.

The staff and students of RAKESS are being encouraged to bring papers and plastic bottles and put them into the appropriate bins. The items are then collected by the local waste management company and delivered to different recycling centres, hence the need for separating the various items at the collection point.

The aim of this initiative by RAKESS is to get all students and staff participating so that the recycling of waste will become part of their daily lifestyle. The students, under the guidance of their teachers, fill the classroom boxes and then on a rota basis are given the job of placing those items in the recycling centre (pictured below). The school leadership realises that this will require a long process of education and has therefore introduced it at all levels from kindergarten up.

RAKESS students at Sturdy recycling centre


Reducing Waste – Some Facts

Recycling waste - It will reduce the amount of waste that would otherwise go into landfill. Here is an idea of how long the paper and plastic products that these students are recycling would take to decompose:

Paper items: Three to six months
Plastic bottles: Up to 1,000 years

Turn Old Into New

Recycled newspaper can be turned into new paper, so think of the trees that we save as we recycle.

Plastic is made from oil so the recycling of plastic bottles reduces oil consumption, and there is a saving of energy as old bottles are transformed into new containers.

For Further Details Contact:

RAKESS (British Curriculum) – Mr. Westley Hughes, Head Teacher.
Tel: 07 2363995

Sturdy Products UAE Ltd. – Mr.Devendra Tayade, Business Development Manager.
Tel: 07 2668002
Fax: 07 2668301
Email: info@sturdyproducts.ae
Web: www.sturdyproducts.ae

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