Sturdy Grit/Salt Bunker


It's that time of year again when we are going to experience snow and icy conditions. As you know the last number of winters have been some of the coldest on record in Ireland as extremely low temperatures gripped the country for most of December and January.  It is predicted that a 'white-out' winter almost as harsh as last year is to be expected in the New Year and Local authorities are being warned that they’ll have to handle another very cold winter. The prolonged cold spell last year put severe pressure on grit and salt supplies with some local authorities having to be resupplied with imported salt from the Continent.


It is important to salt or grit pathways, roads and car parks to prevent people from slipping or falling and to avoid the possible injuries that may result from this. Sturdy Products Ltd. is here to help prevent these accidents from occurring. The Sturdy Grit Bunker is a useful product for storing salt or grit for use during the winter months. The unique design of the Sturdy Grit Bunker lid prevents the collection of snow and rainwater and ensures that the grit or salt remains usable inside. Its large hatch ensures easy filling and extraction of the grit or salt. The Sturdy Grit Bunker is exceptionally strong and is designed to endure constant use.

Dublin City Council, Wicklow County Council and Wexford County Council to name but a few are planning for the worst by stocking up on Sturdy salt/ grit bunkers and strategically placing them in areas prone to accidents as a result of freezing conditions.

Joe Mullins of Dublin City Council Housing Department commented “We have stocked up with a large number of salt/ grit bunkers from Sturdy Products this winter in preparation for the freezing conditions. They are located in old folk’s complexes around the city and filled with salt and grit in preparation for the icy weather and are perfect for reducing the risk of injury to the elderly during winter”. 

With the Sturdy Bunker installed on m50 slip roads and throughout towns in Wicklow and other counties, one can see how a small bit of planning can prevent large accidents.

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