Sturdy Leads the Way With A Money Saving Eco Product - A Wood Pellet Storage Unit


12th JUNE 2009

A Blessington based company is proud to present a new unique eco-product to the Irish Market:
The Sturdy Polystore

Volatile oil prices as well as an increased environmental awareness have brought carbon neutral bio fuels such as wood and miscanthus pellets to the fore.   Wood pellets are a clean, safe source of renewable energy.  Their high energy density makes them more efficient than most fossil fuels.  In order to maximise fuel efficiency, it is essential that the wood pellet remains dry for the entire storage cycle.  Therefore the best solution for this is to install a Sturdy Polystore, as it is designed to keep its contents dry at all times.

According to Lloyd Dowzer, Managing Director for Leinster Pellets “the Sturdy Polystore will be a welcome addition to the Leinster Pellets product line.  We feel it will be especially useful in urban area where access and limited storage space is an issue.  Easy handling and fast set up of the two piece construction is where it wins our vote.  We are sure it will be successful and not just in the wood pellet market but also in Equestrian and Agriculture”.

The 1 tonne unit can be filled by a delivery truck using the cam fitting provided.  A second cam fitting allows a dust sock to be connected.  If greater capacity is required the units can be modularised.  They align side by side and allow an auger to run through the extraction area.  An internal baffle prevents wood pellets from being damaged when bulk filling.  The unit accommodates both manual auger and vacuum extraction methods. 

The Polystore is designed to fit through a standard doorway and can either be erected outside your home or in outhouses.  Fitting the Polystore through a standard doorway is simple. Split the unit by lifting the body from the base. Bring the body and base separately through the doorway and reassemble on the other side - easy!

A set of hinged access steps also comes as part of the overall unit.  These steps fold down from their storage position to allow easy access to the cam fittings and the inspection/fill hatch.  The steps have a textured finish to increase grip during wet conditions.  The steps also provide a good working platform for individuals who want to bag full their storage unit.

The Polystore is secured to its base and then anchored to the ground using galvanised brackets.  It is recommended that the Polystore is situated on a level concrete base that accommodates the complete unit and folded down steps.

The Sturdy Polystore can also we used to store a range of other loose materials like grains and horse feeds, to meet the Dept of Agriculture requirements for bulk storage of feedstuffs.


Sturdy Products Ltd is a 100% Irish owned company based in Blessington, Co. Wicklow. It specialises is roto-moulded plastic products as well as a wide range of market leading lines.

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