Sturdy's Top Composting Tips for Using Their Composter


There are so many things to do to make your home composting experience better for you and your family as well as producing a luscious end result.

Below are some top tips that every composter should follow.  

Two Recycone Composters are better than one.  If you have space in your garden invest in two composters.  While you are filling one composter the other composter can be busy breaking down your kitchen waste.  When its time to empty one they can be rotated and the process started again. 

The Recycone Composter works quicker on bare soil as this allows the worms and micro organisms to enter the composter.  If you find a worm while you are gardening carefully transfer it to your Recycone Composter.  The worms will happily work at breaking down your waste. 

Let the Sunshine! The Recycone Composter works best in sunny locations.  Partial sunny locations work too but it just takes longer.

Keep your Recycone Composter guidelines, which you have received with your composter, in a handy place so you can refer to it on regular occasions.  This will ensure there is no confusion about what can and cannot be composted. 

You are more likely to compost if you do not have to run to your Recycone Composter 3-4 times per day.  Keep a Sturdy Kitchen Caddy in your kitchen for convenience.  This can be emptied 1-2 times per week.   View our range of Kitchen Caddies here.

The Recycone Composter needs air if it is to breakdown the materials added.  The access hatch at the base of the composter, when opened, allows the compost to be extracted.  By removing the compost the new material above drops down, aerating the Recycone and helping it to work better.


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