Time is of the Essence for Local Authorities


Time is of the Essence for Local Authorities

In the 2010 Budget the Government has decided to undertake an Efficiency Review of Local Authorities. This report has commenced and the results of this will be announced by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government by mid 2010. With the constant review of their departments, it will be another tough year for managers in the Local Authorities.

In 2009 Local Authorities had to come to terms with cost cutting measures such as recruitment freezes, non renewal of contracts and an end to over time and allowances.  They were also hit with capital expenditure reduction which was announced in July 2008 and again in February 2009.  Now, Local Authority departments have to stretch both their human and financial resources in order to fulfil their duties. In essence time and money are in short supply.  They have to ensure they are getting value for money on the products that they purchase. One solution to this problem is to use a company with a wide range of quality products at a reasonably price, effectively a “one stop shop”. 

One such company Sturdy Products Ltd based in Blessington Co Wicklow manufactures a wide variety of environmental products.  Being a one stop shop they offer a full range of products and services from 2 and 4 wheeled bins, recycling stations, dog waste bins and street litter bins to mention but a few.  They also offer a refurbishment and recycling service.

Ms. Moira Byrne, Environmental Awareness Officer of Wicklow County Council comments that “Sturdy Products have supplied us over the years with a wide variety of products, from wheelie bins to composters and they are a local company in County Wicklow.  It’s always an environmentally better solution to ‘shop local’ and support local jobs and industry in these tough times. Not only are we supporting a clean environment, we are also supporting the local economy.”

For further information you can contact Sturdy Products Ltd on + 353 45 865 044, by email at sales@sturdyproducts.com or visit our website at www.sturdyproducts.com.

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