TUV GS Certified Mortar Tubs


These days we all experience pressure to meet deadlines in the construction industry.  However, we need to certify that any product used on site is fit for the purpose intended and is safe for employees to use.  One such requirement is to ensure that when choosing a mortar tub for transport by crane or teleporter on site is that it meets your needs in this regard.  Some of these concerns have been eliminated by the use of the Certified Sturdy Mortar Tub.  

Sturdy Products Ltd, which is an ISO 9001 certified company, values safety.  Site safety is paramount.  This is why they place great emphasis on the on-going TUV GS certification of the Sturdy range of tubs.  This also ensures Contractors and Health & Safety Officers that the tubs are regularly tested and are fit for the arduous handling they receive on building sites.   All their construction containers are tested to a 200% safety margin of the lifting capacity, especially their Craneable Mortar Tub and their Teleporter Mortar Tub.

Health & Safety Officers are now required to hold a risk assessment procedure for all equipment, used on site, which poses a threat.  Sturdy Products Ltd. works with the Health & Safety Officer to supply a detailed safety statement, which can be incorporated into the existing safety statement procedures.  Sturdy Products Ltd. also provides safety leaflets that facilitate the safe use of mortar tubs on site.  

Back injuries arising from the separation of stacked mortar tubs have been avoided by the addition on stacking lugs on the Sturdy Mortar Tub.  These stacking lugs help alleviate unnecessary manual handling hazards. 

While under pressure to perform we all have to strive to prevent site accidents.  Using test certified mortar tubs is one small step in assuring that our responsibilities are met. 





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