• Sturdy Supreme Litter Bin

    Product Code: 301-A

    Our range of Street Furniture, which features the Sturdy Supreme Litter Bin, is ideal for use in high pedestrian traffic zones such as high streets or shopping centres.

    The litter bin is fitted with a front door locking mechanism and is available with a plastic or steel liner.  

    The waste bin incorporates a robust structural frame which eliminates damage to the bin should pedestrians sit or stand on the product. The body is manufactured from medium density polyethylene.  It has a front opening door and closes with a simple slam shut action.  The opening is designed to prevent birds and other animals from removing  litter from the bin.  The opening size is designed for litter disposal and prevents the depositing of household waste and rubbish. 

    The rubbish bin is available in blue, black, yellow, green, grey and red as standard.

    As an optional extra your local authority or company name or logo can be applied to the front of the Supreme Litter Bin to help promote your company.  Also a Cowl and Stub It Out Ashtray can be installed. 

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    Sturdy Supreme Litter Bin
    Sturdy Supreme Litter Bin