• Sturdy Street Smart

    Product Code: 295-A

    The Sturdy Street Smart is designed to improve street cleaning efficiency, increasing mobility while providing greater storage capacities. The all inclusive elegant design of this street cleaning cart has proven to be most popular with Local Authorities and industrial building occupiers.

    It is ideal for community, town, city cleaning and event venues.

    This street cleaning cart consists of two 90Ltr bins, a brush and shovel, and two small storage containers for the employee’s items. These are mounted on a frame with wheels for easy maneuverability.

    The frame of this product is designed to withstand the rigorous of day-to-day use.  By using tubular steel structural areas, this will increase the overall strength of the frame.  In conjunction with this it remains stable and mobile due to heavy-duty wheels. The stylish appearance of our street cleaning equipment incorporates quality design with sound function by using the body panels as brush and shovel holders.  This removes the need to replace damaged and bent hooks.

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    Sturdy Street Smart
    Sturdy Street Smart