• Sturdy Rambo Laundry Trolley

    Product Code: 662-A

    The Sturdy Rambo Trolley Is the newest addition to our product range. 

    The Sturdy Rambo Trolley is our toughest trolley incorporating strengthening ribs on the front, back and top of the product to ensure the highest damage resistance. 

    Our trolley was developed to minimize the damage associated with transport. It utilizes a recessed area on the front face which adds the necessary stiffness to stop the corners from getting damaged by straps and other trolleys etc. Ribs incorporated on the back and sides of the trolley to improve overall rigidity and strength of the product. 

    The top of the trolley was developed to ensure that the material doesn't deform over time and everyday use, which was achieved by using stiffeners.

    The Sturdy Rambo trolley was engineered  to allow for rain water to run down the back slopped surface of the top. The flat surface on the peek of the trolley can also be trimmed away when required with out  sacrificing the structural integrity of the product. 

    The Sturdy Rambo Trolley uses 4 moulded in handles for easy maneuvering, As well as incorporating lifting handles on the side ribs of the product. The inclusion of peep hole allows for the user to look through to the other side of the product while operating. 

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    Sturdy Rambo Laundry Trolley
    Sturdy Rambo Laundry TrolleySturdy Rambo Laundry Trolley