• Sturdy Tote Buggy 250Ltr

    Product Code: 497-A

    The Sturdy Tote Buggy 250Ltr is manufactured from a compounded medium density polyethylene UV stabilised material, which means there is no colour give off.  The buggy is light weight and easy to manoeuvre.  They are easily stacked if required.

    The Tote Buggy is suitable for use in hospitals, airports, hotels, building sites and other industries where quantities of materials are handled. 

    It is available in blue as standard but other colours are available on request. 

    As an optional extra the Tote Buggy can be fitted with a PVC cover and a unique barcode to allow for traceability.   Also your company name or logo can be printed on the front of the buggy to help promote your company.


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    Sturdy Tote Buggy 250Ltr
    Sturdy Tote Buggy 250LtrSturdy Tote Buggy 250LtrSturdy Tote Buggy 250Ltr
    Sturdy Tote Buggy 250Ltr