• Sturdy 500kg Grit and Salt Bunker

    Product Code: 495-A

    The Sturdy 500kg Grit and Salt Bunker is manufactured from UV Stabilised medium density polyethylene. This provides a robust product which will endure constant use in areas of highe pedestrian traffic. The Sturdy 500kg Grit Bunker will not rust or rot and painting is never required. The product will not discolour or deteriorate through long term exposure to the elements. 

    The 500kg Grit and Salt Bunker is ideal for roadside storage, car parks and company premises. An empty bunker is lightweight and can be easily moved into position by one person. The bunker has the capability to be forklifted if necessary. Forklift slots measure 410mm centre to centre.

    The 500kg Grit and Salt Bunker is only available in high visibility yellow as standard.

    As an optional extra your company name or logo can be printed on the lid of the 500kg Grit and Salt Bunker to help promote your company and a lock can be fitted as an extra security measure.

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